Front Range

Product Data Modeling and Search Solutions


The Front Range is a mountain range of the Southern Rocky Mountains of North America located in central Colorado. It is the first mountain range encountered as one goes westbound along the 40th parallel north across the Great Plains. The landing page image above was taken during a very memorable trip to the Rockies in May 2018.

This business is very similar; the first major mountain that we have encountered as we work on own own baby; not unlike the hurdles that our clients face when designing their taxonomy and attribution, or trying to navigate the nightmare that is internal search. We're here to make it simple and easy.


Aiden is an ontology management (product data management) tool and framework for building intelligent systems, specifically designed for use with Product Data.

Lumen Search provides sellers an efficient and affordable solution to power their digital storefront. Unlike other search, it makes navigation intuitive.

Sentēme (pronounced sen-teem) addresses the challenge of mining sentiment from plural sources in order to enable end users to understand and refine their product selections based on the experiences of fellow consumers.


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